2016 Paul West Used Cars Lot
2016 Paul West Used Cars Lot in Gainesville, FL

Paul West Used Cars 2016 Year-End Review

The closing of 2016 marks 16 years Paul Nassoiy has owned Paul West Used Cars in Gainesville, FL.

While the name Paul West has been a Gainesville staple, known then as Paul West Ford and later Paul West Mitsubishi, it wasn’t until 1999 when Paul West retired and told us as long as we kept selling quality vehicles and treating people better than ourselves, that we could keep the name. Paul West spent years and years advertising and building his name around town, and my dad (Paul Nassoiy) was lucky enough to work for him since 1987.

Things We Did Well In 2016

Even though we’ve been in business for years, we made several key moves to get more involved with our local community. In 2016, Paul West Used Cars joined the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and made several key networking partners around the area. While at first these partners were mere business acquaintances, I’m happy to call many of them friends now.

The numbers had us a little worried at the start of the year with several competitors entering the Gainesville used-car market, but we were able to welcome more folks into our #PWFAMILY than we did in 2015. However, for us it’s always been about quality rather than quantity in terms of sales. As I’ve said before: Our goal is to help people build and start their credit, not to sell the most cars in Gainesville, FL. I know that if we are helping people, then they’ll always come back or send someone our way, and I’m truly thankful for everyone we’ve had the chance to continue to get to know by dealing in used cars:

2016 year end customer photos

Quality Used Vehicles

There is no doubt we get the best vehicles in the $7,000–$15,000 price range. My dad (Paul) and I hand-pick all of our vehicles so we know we get in good vehicles. We are both nonsmokers, so getting a vehicles that hasn’t been smoked in is crucial, and then there is also a long list of specifics we look for. Mechanical history, CarFax history, and Consumer Reviews all play a huge role in determining if a vehicle is worthy to come to our used car dealership in Gainesville, FL.

We also have put more effort into the quality of photos we take, and we added videos of all our used vehicles this year as well. We strive to be the Gainesville dealer who gives you all the information up front so you and your family can make the best decision about your next vehicle.

Team Work

Our team at Paul West Used Cars is built around family first! All of our employees have been with us for several years. Chris is the youngest member of our team and has been here for three-and-a-half years now. Wow, time flies!

What’s In Store For 2017

We continue to put our relationships with local businesses and our local community at the forefront. We wouldn’t be here without several local people looking to us to set the standard in the used car industry in North Central Florida, and for that we want to continue giving back to what has made us successful. We are looking to partner and help other businesses in the area.

Secondly, we want to continue to master where we are at as a car dealership. One day, it would be nice to get back to where Paul West first began, but right now we are still a small fish in a big pond in Gainesville. I’ll go ahead and let everyone know I am 36 now and this is something I want to do when I am 56, so every person we have the chance to meet and work with matters in where we are headed!

Thank you for a great 2016, and we’re looking forward to serving you in 2017!!!