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2012 Mazda Mazda6 Gainesville FL

2012 Mazda Mazda6 Gainesville FL

Tips For Car Buying With Your Tax Return & Getting What You Want

Tips For Car Buying With Your Tax Return & Getting What You Want

Tips For Car Buying With Your Tax Return & Getting What You Want

Many people look forward to receiving an income tax refund each year. If your current vehicle is has become unreliable or your lifestyle has changed, a tax refund can be a boon for a new to you vehicle. At Paul West Used Cars, we’re known as the buy here pay here Gainesville, FL dealership residents have known and trusted for many years. Every day we help people find the dependable used car they want and tax season isn’t any different. If you’re anticipating a tax refund this year, here are a few tips to help in your car search.

Start Shopping Before Refund Arrives

There’s nothing wrong with window shopping before your refund arrives, plus you’ll be more aware of what vehicle you want. Once the tax return is submitted, you’ll know how much the refund will be, though it can take up to three weeks for the money to arrive. Knowing the amount will help you determine how to proceed.

One Refund, Two Options

There are online calculators that can help you determine how far your tax refund will go to buy used cars in Gainesville. Two common choices buyers make is to use it as a down payment or to pay for several monthly payments on a financed vehicle.

Down Payment

The more of a down payment you can put on a vehicle, the lower monthly payments will be. However, that hinges on the terms of the financed amount, such as total auto loan amount and interest rate. A large down payment shows you have a vested interest in buying a vehicle from one of the Gainesville used car dealerships. On the other hand, the more you’re able to put down lowers the chance of eventually owing more than the car is worth once its value begins depreciating. This is called being “upside down” on a loan.

Monthly Payments

Another option for using your tax refund to buy a used car is to get a jump-start on monthly payments. Instead of using the full refund for a down payment, depending on the amount of the refund, it could be used to cover several monthly payments. For example, a refund of $2,000 could be used to make 10 monthly payments of $200. That’s nearly one year’s worth of payments paid for.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is a safeguard against winding up buying a used car with your tax refund that winds up costing much more. The inspection checks for many things, including:

  • The vehicle’s condition level;
  • Hidden problems with the body, engine, and/or frame; and
  • Engine codes that may show engine problems.

These inspections can be performed by a local mechanic you trust, a dealership service department, or another auto service facility. Whatever method chosen, make sure the inspector is qualified and that you receive a description of the points, or areas checked, in the inspection and how it’s conducted. Keep in mind most inspection findings aren’t guaranteed.

Check Out These Features (And Bypass These)

Vehicles produced in the past decade or two come with a plethora of features that catch many people’s eye. While you may long for a car with a crank window handle, Paul West Used Cars in Gainesville, FL discusses three features to consider in your new vehicle and three to pass on.

Comfortable Seats

It might sound like a no-brainer, but when looking at Gainesville, FL used cars to buy, it’s easy to get caught up in other features you want. Think about how much time you spend in a vehicle, especially if you have a commute to work each day. Having a comfortable seat for yourself, and anyone else who will spend time in the vehicle such as kids, shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives and this includes when we’re driving to and from places. Ditch the mess of tangled cords and consider newer used cars with Bluetooth connectivity. Located in the car’s audio system, Bluetooth lets you answer a call hands-free and listen to audio, such as podcasts or a music streaming service, through the car’s speakers. Once your phone is paired with the car’s Bluetooth connection, the only thing left to do is choose what song to listen to first!

Backup Camera

Safety and convenience mesh into one with a backup camera. When the vehicle is in reverse, a screen, usually mounted in the audio and climate controls, appears and shows you what the camera is looking at. Even if you’d checked all mirrors and turned around to physically check for anything, such as a person in a blind spot, the camera is a great second check before moving. Backup cameras also help when backing into a parking spot, with several styles providing an alert, such as beeping, as the vehicle gets too close to a stationary object.

Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems

Remember when built-in DVD players and other entertainment systems were touted as the way to make family road trips even more fun? That was right before tablets and smartphones became everyday fixtures, often at a fraction of the cost for a rear-seat entertainment system.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi in a car sounds like a great feature, but it comes with a couple of catches. First, the majority of smartphone plans come with mobile hotspots, allowing you to use the data you’ve already paid for. Then, a Wi-Fi router in the vehicle requires its own, separate monthly data plan to provide the Wi-Fi signal in the first place. Don’t pay for data twice plus a car payment and skip the Wi-Fi connection altogether.

Roof Racks

Roof racks are great for moving, traveling, and embarking on an outdoor vacation with a kayak or canoe. But the racks installed at the auto factory are generic, meant to fit everything when everything has its own needs. Roof racks are available at sporting good stores in many different styles that are more likely to fit your specific needs. Plus, buying a roof rack separately can be removed when not needed as studies have shown they can decrease a vehicle’s gas mileage by more than one-third.

Gainesville, FL Used Cars

When you use a tax refund at Paul West Used Cars, you’re guaranteed to find a wide selection of quality used cars Gainesville, FL residents can trust! Our family-owned business knows how much a refund means to you and we want you to have a reliable vehicle for years to come. Don’t worry about finding a mechanic to complete a pre-purchase inspection; all our vehicles are carefully inspected and certified before you visit. If you’re searching for a reliable used vehicle at a low price, visit Paul West Used Cars in Gainesville today!

Back to School with a New Ride

The perfect time to buy a used car is when you need it the most — back to school! Having a car, whether you are a high schooler, college student, or adult attending classes, can greatly facilitate your life and schedule. Gainesville used car dealerships can provide you with the necessary benefits for you to be able to replace your current car or purchase one for the first time. Paul West Used Cars is a family car dealership dedicated to helping you find the perfect pre-owned car for your needs.

back to school car

Why Buy Used Cars?

Lower Price Tag

One of, if not the most, appealing traits of buying a used car is a lower price. Used cars, even those that are just a year old, can have a significant price reductions compared to a brand new car of the same year and model.

Avoid New Car Sales Tax

Another big expense for new vehicle purchases is the sales tax. Almost every advertisement of new vehicles glosses over the tax that will be imposed on the car which can add several thousand dollars. Many states, however, do not require the same sales tax to be imposed on used car purchases.

No Credit Car Dealer

Many people need a new vehicle but are unable to purchase on due to poor credit or even no credit at all. This is an especially big issue for students who have yet to accumulate sufficient credit. At Paul West Used Cars, we are a no credit car dealer that can help you finally purchase a car.

How a Used Car Can Help with Your Studies

No More Bus

Buses can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and unreliable. Rather than having to wake up earlier than needed to catch a bus, be left stranded for 20 minutes until the next one arrives, or stand in a crowded bus without enough A/C for everyone, purchase a used car and drive to school comfortably.

Facilitate Your Class Schedule

Without a car, it can be difficult to make it from one class to another in time. You could choose a schedule that keeps you on campus all day, but you might end up waiting around between classes. Instead, drive to class and choose a more convenient class schedule.

Transport Projects & School Work

It can be difficult to transport large projects and other school work when you don’t have a personal car. Transporting your work when walking or through public transportation can also put it at risk of getting damaged. With your own car, you will have enough space for your school work and be able to keep it safe.

Carpool to Classes

Get your friends together or team up with other parents to form a carpool, which will ease your responsibility of doing it all alone.

Used Cars Gainesville, FL, Residents Can Trust

At Paul West Used Cars, we believe in providing you with quality, reliable used cars at an affordable price. We are also a buy here pay here Gainesville, FL, dealership residents can trust. Contact us today to purchase a car before the new school year so you can start it off right.

Paul West Used Cars song

Did a business card swap at BNI Green Machine 2 weeks ago, and had a song sung about us by Mr. Bob Doak… how lucky are we. Finally got the lyrics:

You need a car now,
And we’ve got some cars now!
We’ll make it easy for you to pay,
We’ll give you credit, then take your debit,
And you will drive your new car today.

Call Paul West Used Cars, and let them restore the pride in your ride!!!

**Side note: of course he won the presentation trophy that day.**
Never will forget it Bob! Thank you to your awesome family as well Carol Progulske Doak and Tyler Doak

Bob Doak Paul West Used Cars Song

Bob Doak Paul West Used Cars Song

Spring is the Time to Get Great Deals on Used Cars

Save on Gainesville Used Cars

Is your car no longer running like it used to? Do you find yourself in need of repairs more and more often? Is the price you pay for gas not worth the miles you get back? Do you simply want a new car? If you found that any of these questions apply to you, you’re probably in need of a new vehicle and odds are, you’ve already begun your search. Buying a car is a big investment, but sometimes it is necessary for reliability, comfort, safety and savings in the long run.

Reasons to Buy a Used Car in the Spring

If you’re planning on buying a car, the spring is one of the best times to do it. Buying a car in the spring can save you money through great deals and get you ready for the summer. At Paul West Used Cars, we carry a large selection of reliable used cars Gainesville, FL, residents can count on to meet all their expectations and stay on budget.

Slower Sales Means Lower Prices

During April and May, car dealerships often see a cyclical slowdown in business. Slower business means less profit for dealerships, so they have to come up with ways to counter the lack of business. In order to boost up sales, many dealerships choose to lower prices and put up great deals on their vehicles. This turns into a win-win situation, dealerships get more customers and customers get lower prices. Many people also choose to make large purchases, such as buying a car, during the spring because of tax return season. Tax return season means a tax refund for a lot of people. This additional source of money is often used by many to buy new items that they were holding off on, such as a new car. Refund checks can make great car deals even better when choosing to buy used cars or new cars.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend, and the following days, is known for offering some of the best deals on cars for the year. This is because car dealerships need to clear inventory in order to make room for new models coming out in the fall. Most major auto manufacturers follow this launch cycle for their next year’s models, so most likely any car make and model that you like will be on sale. Memorial Day Weekend sales also offer brand new leftover inventory from the previous year. For used cars Gainesville, FL, residents can find at a great price during memorial weekend, visit Paul West Used Cars.

Summertime Weather

During the summer in Florida, temperatures get hotter, humidity rises and rainstorms occur frequently. If your car lacks air conditioning, it can make drives with the intense summer heat unbearable and with Florida’s high humidity, driving with the windows down often isn’t enough. Extensive air conditioning repairs can range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the make and model of the car. Sometimes performing extensive repairs aren’t worth it and buying a new vehicle would actually be the better option. With Florida’s rainstorms, it is also important that your tires and braking system are working correctly to ensure safety. Depending on how extensive the repairs and replacements are, weighing out your options may reveal that buying a new car will be more affordable, as well as offer you the necessary protection.

Reliability for Summer Fun

Summer is known as prime vacation time and it is important to have a reliable, comfortable and safe vehicle for you and your family can take trips in. Driving has become a necessity for many and with the constant activities during the summer that require driving back and forth, your car should facilitate it all rather than make it more complicated. Running to catch the bus or finding other methods of transportation because your vehicle stopped working can interfere with your job and personal life as well as that of your family’s. At Paul West Used Cars, we make sure to offer used cars for sale Gainesville, FL, residents can count on to function properly.

Used Cars Gainesville, FL, Residents can Rely On

If you’re looking for a trustworthy Gainesville used car dealership with great prices, visit us at Paul West Used

Paul West Used Cars 2016 Year-End Review

2016 Paul West Used Cars Lot

2016 Paul West Used Cars Lot in Gainesville, FL

Paul West Used Cars 2016 Year-End Review

The closing of 2016 marks 16 years Paul Nassoiy has owned Paul West Used Cars in Gainesville, FL.

While the name Paul West has been a Gainesville staple, known then as Paul West Ford and later Paul West Mitsubishi, it wasn’t until 1999 when Paul West retired and told us as long as we kept selling quality vehicles and treating people better than ourselves, that we could keep the name. Paul West spent years and years advertising and building his name around town, and my dad (Paul Nassoiy) was lucky enough to work for him since 1987.

Things We Did Well In 2016

Even though we’ve been in business for years, we made several key moves to get more involved with our local community. In 2016, Paul West Used Cars joined the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and made several key networking partners around the area. While at first these partners were mere business acquaintances, I’m happy to call many of them friends now.

The numbers had us a little worried at the start of the year with several competitors entering the Gainesville used-car market, but we were able to welcome more folks into our #PWFAMILY than we did in 2015. However, for us it’s always been about quality rather than quantity in terms of sales. As I’ve said before: Our goal is to help people build and start their credit, not to sell the most cars in Gainesville, FL. I know that if we are helping people, then they’ll always come back or send someone our way, and I’m truly thankful for everyone we’ve had the chance to continue to get to know by dealing in used cars:

2016 year end customer photos

Quality Used Vehicles

There is no doubt we get the best vehicles in the $7,000–$15,000 price range. My dad (Paul) and I hand-pick all of our vehicles so we know we get in good vehicles. We are both nonsmokers, so getting a vehicles that hasn’t been smoked in is crucial, and then there is also a long list of specifics we look for. Mechanical history, CarFax history, and Consumer Reviews all play a huge role in determining if a vehicle is worthy to come to our used car dealership in Gainesville, FL.

We also have put more effort into the quality of photos we take, and we added videos of all our used vehicles this year as well. We strive to be the Gainesville dealer who gives you all the information up front so you and your family can make the best decision about your next vehicle.

Team Work

Our team at Paul West Used Cars is built around family first! All of our employees have been with us for several years. Chris is the youngest member of our team and has been here for three-and-a-half years now. Wow, time flies!

What’s In Store For 2017

We continue to put our relationships with local businesses and our local community at the forefront. We wouldn’t be here without several local people looking to us to set the standard in the used car industry in North Central Florida, and for that we want to continue giving back to what has made us successful. We are looking to partner and help other businesses in the area.

Secondly, we want to continue to master where we are at as a car dealership. One day, it would be nice to get back to where Paul West first began, but right now we are still a small fish in a big pond in Gainesville. I’ll go ahead and let everyone know I am 36 now and this is something I want to do when I am 56, so every person we have the chance to meet and work with matters in where we are headed!

Thank you for a great 2016, and we’re looking forward to serving you in 2017!!!

‘Tis the Season for great Car Deals

‘Tis the season for great car deals:

Dashing through the snow
In a 200 Horsepower sleigh
Over hills we go
Laughing all the way… HA-HA-HA

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle All the way
Oh what fun it is to drive
A new Car today — Hey!

Come see us down at the store: Paul West Used Cars

tis the season for great car deals

tis the season for great car deals

Spread the word about Paul West Used Cars

Paul West Used Cars Gainesville FL

Spread the word about Paul West Used Cars

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their patronage. Whether you have been coming to see us since 1987 or are new to our dealership, we promise to always provide you with the very best cars, trucks, and SUV’s.  Then make sure you understand how everything fits together from the price to the payments. We are a non-corporate family car dealership serving Gainesville, Ocala, Alachua, Lake City, Starke, and surrounding areas.


Get to Know Us a Little More

Paul West Used Cars has been dedicated to bringing you the best prices, offers, and deals on quality used cars in the Gainesville area since the 1980s. We are a family owned business who have a passion for providing our customers with the best low mileage, clean, and pre-serviced vehicles. Our professional team works hard to ensure that all of our Florida New and Preowned Cars will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.
Gainesville Used Car Dealership
If you’re looking for an Ocala Used Car Dealership, our Florida family will go the absolute extra mile to make sure that you’re treated right and receive the best car buying experience possible. We promise to work hard to find you the right vehicle at the right price. To further provide a hassle-free experience, our dealership offers in-house Buy Here Pay Here financing.


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