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7 Tips To Keep Your Used Car Running

Mechanic Helps Woman Check Her Used Car To Ensure It Keeps Running

The cars we drive are an essential part of our lives. They get us where we need to go whether that’s to the store around the corner or across the country on a road trip. Because they are a necessity, it’s vital to keep our pre-owned vehicles in the best condition to ensure a long life on the road. Consider these seven tips to keep your used car running from Paul West Used Cars, a buy here pay here Gainesville car dealer.

Change Oil & Other Fluids Frequently

Changing the oil and other fluids in a used car such as coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid is key to extending the life of your vehicle. It’s also important to get the oil filter changed at the same time, though garages typically do this anyways. Note the date and mileage after every oil change so you know when to have the oil changed again. It’s recommended to get the car’s oil changed every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

Drive Gently

Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph is definitely a thrill, but it can have dire effects on the car’s fuel efficiency in the long run. Instead, accelerate slowly to keep the vehicle in good health. Also, don’t rev up the engine too much in the morning — give the oil some time to warm up. Finally, anticipate when you need to brake and avoid quick stops.

Unload Heavy Objects

Heavy objects add stress to a vehicle’s critical systems and cause premature wear and tear. Unload anything in the car you don’t need, and remove items that cause additional drag. Aerodynamic drag increases demand on the engine and wrecks the vehicle’s gas mileage because the higher the drag, the more fuel is wasted. Be sure to ask a trusted used car dealer about your vehicle’s weight capabilities.

Check On The Engine

Be on the lookout for warning signs from your car’s engine and get it checked immediately if it seems off. A persistent ticking from the engine or a sputtering noise when starting the engine indicate a major problem that will only worsen with time such as low engine oil or rod knocking. If the engine oil light, engine temperature gauge, or brake light is blinking on the dashboard, it’s time for a checkup.

Maintain Wheel Bearings

Being able to rotate the steering wheel smoothly is important for safe parking, turning and changing lanes. Wheel bearings guarantee the proper rotation of the vehicle’s tires by providing a connection between moving and static areas of the car. Any jerks or jolts when moving the steering wheel are signs it needs an inspection and fix. Usually, this involves adding some grease so the bearings move normally again.

Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Manufacturer manuals are available for each car with suggestions for when a tune-up is necessary. It’s smart to have your car, regardless of age, checked by a professional once a year. Problems that can go unnoticed, such as a clogged fuel line, can have negative effects on fuel efficiency.

Choose The Right Used Car

Even if you keep your car in good shape, it goes through natural cycles of wear and tear, and needs parts. It’s critical to choose a used car from a company that continues to manufacture the parts. When you’re shopping for a used car, be sure to talk with the trusted used car dealers in Gainesville, FL, at Paul West Used Cars to help find your perfect ride. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of pre-owned vehicles.