The perfect time to buy a used car is when you need it the most — back to school! Having a car, whether you are a high schooler, college student, or adult attending classes, can greatly facilitate your life and schedule. Gainesville used car dealerships can provide you with the necessary benefits for you to be able to replace your current car or purchase one for the first time. Paul West Used Cars is a family car dealership dedicated to helping you find the perfect pre-owned car for your needs.

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Why Buy Used Cars?

Lower Price Tag

One of, if not the most, appealing traits of buying a used car is a lower price. Used cars, even those that are just a year old, can have a significant price reductions compared to a brand new car of the same year and model.

Avoid New Car Sales Tax

Another big expense for new vehicle purchases is the sales tax. Almost every advertisement of new vehicles glosses over the tax that will be imposed on the car which can add several thousand dollars. Many states, however, do not require the same sales tax to be imposed on used car purchases.

No Credit Car Dealer

Many people need a new vehicle but are unable to purchase on due to poor credit or even no credit at all. This is an especially big issue for students who have yet to accumulate sufficient credit. At Paul West Used Cars, we are a no credit car dealer that can help you finally purchase a car.

How a Used Car Can Help with Your Studies

No More Bus

Buses can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and unreliable. Rather than having to wake up earlier than needed to catch a bus, be left stranded for 20 minutes until the next one arrives, or stand in a crowded bus without enough A/C for everyone, purchase a used car and drive to school comfortably.

Facilitate Your Class Schedule

Without a car, it can be difficult to make it from one class to another in time. You could choose a schedule that keeps you on campus all day, but you might end up waiting around between classes. Instead, drive to class and choose a more convenient class schedule.

Transport Projects & School Work

It can be difficult to transport large projects and other school work when you don’t have a personal car. Transporting your work when walking or through public transportation can also put it at risk of getting damaged. With your own car, you will have enough space for your school work and be able to keep it safe.

Carpool to Classes

Get your friends together or team up with other parents to form a carpool, which will ease your responsibility of doing it all alone.

Used Cars Gainesville, FL, Residents Can Trust

At Paul West Used Cars, we believe in providing you with quality, reliable used cars at an affordable price. We are also a buy here pay here Gainesville, FL, dealership residents can trust. Contact us today to purchase a car before the new school year so you can start it off right.