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Supporting local businesses is more important than ever before. Family owned establishments are the backbone to any community, and it’s up to each individual to choose to support them by making a point of shopping local. Buying a car is no exception. Local, family owned dealerships make buying your next vehicle easy, and you’ll be supporting your local businesses. Developing relationships within your community helps everyone.

Your Gainesville FL local dealership is only a short distance away, so you save on time and gas. Test drives are easier because of your close proximity to home. Another advantage to shopping locally is that you may already know some of the salespeople, or they are a familiar face around town or at school. He or she could even be a personal friend or family member. This insures that you’ll be treated with respect, and keep money inside your local economy.

One of the best reasons to buy your Florida New or Pre-owned Car from a local dealership is for the long term relationship with the service department. After your purchase, you’ll want somewhere close by and convenient to take your vehicle for maintenance and repairs. Since you are servicing your car or truck at the same place you bought it, you establish a trusting relationship that can last far into the future. Overall, buying from a local dealership is a win win situation.