This week I drove the 2007 Buick Lucerne we have at our Gainesville Florida Used Car Dealership.  Let me start by saying I’m in my mid thirties and generally still prefer the sporty stylish vehicles, but since I believe that all the cars we have are very good vehicles I’m driving them all.  So I hop in the Buick Lucerne last week and the first that hits me is the amount of room there is in both the front and the back seat.  Goodness sakes you could fit 6 people in here easy I thought as I drove away.

Here’s a quick photo of the Buick:


The second thing I notice is how smooth the ride is.  Now I’ve driven plenty of air ride suspension Lincoln Town Car’s but this is the closest thing I have found to having that level of comfort while driving.  It floats down the road and that’s no lie.  Felt like a cloud was underneath the car and no matter how bumpy the road is was smooth.

Other features that I really liked are it has Leather seats which for me is important because I have a kid.  Clean up would be real quick and easy should there be any accidents.  Tinted windows are nice because the inside of the car was always kept cool and I really love the sea foam green metallic paint on this car.  Inside was very well taken care of by the previous owner and I’m a non smoker and there are no signs or smells of previous smokers in this Buick.

My overall impression of the 2007 Buick Lucerne was very positive.  I loved driving it and if you need a clean low mileage vehicle that fits everyone there is no way you shouldn’t at least drive this and see what your thoughts are.

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