My goal for today is to better explain the used car services we provide in Gainesville FL at Paul West Used Cars.

used car services in gainesville fl
used car services in gainesville fl

New Cars vs. Used Cars

The reason we are in the used car market instead of the new car market

  • Cost – New Cars are more expensive and depreciates the second you drive it off the lot. Most people don’t know the exact amount but it’s $5,000 per year for the first 3 years.
  • Mechanical – There is more data on used cars to determine if that was a good year or a bad year to get that particular vehicles. Even Honda’s had issues
  • Inventory – We can carry whatever vehicle we want.

Services we provide at Paul West Used Cars

Paul West Used Car Buy Here Pay Here sign
Paul West Used Car Buy Here Pay Here sign

1.) Free Evaluation:

Buying a vehicle is a big decision, and in most cases the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make.  There is so much information out there, it’s no wonder people are skeptical on who to trust.  Just look at all these sites…

Black Book, Blue Book, Yellow Book, Edmunds, Autotrader, Cars, Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, the car connection, motor trend, JD Power, Car Gurus, Auto Blog… and the list goes on and on.

It can get very confusing in a hurry, and I just want everyone to have that peace of mind they are making the best decision for their next vehicle… whether they buy something from us or not.

2.) Flat Fee Service

Already know what you want and how much you want to spend.  Great we can provide the service of finding a specific vehicle for you at a set Flat Fee over the cost of the vehicle.  No dealer fee, no funny stuff… here’s all the info, here’s the price.  My dad and I are old school and we look at all our vehicles in person and call you while looking at it to go over all the details.  I should throw in a caveat and mention that it can take up to a month sometimes to find the perfect one that meets all the requirements.  Even though 95% of all used vehicles come from an auction there are a lot of dead bodies.  By dead bodies I mean the car looks great from the outside but once you start looking at it’s no good.

3.) In House Financing or Buy Here Pay Here

This is our bread and butter.  In a nutshell it’s just helping people with low credit scores or no credit scores get back to my partner Allen’s level where they can go through him or their bank for financing.  The sooner the better.  So we offer a lot of benefits in our financing like no early payout fees, warranties, and reporting to the credit bureau to help people build back up.

I also love this side of the business as well because I get to work with people not just when they buy a vehicle, but all the way through the loan.  So I know how people are treated every step of the way, and that in my mind has been a big advantage for us.


So today if you asked me to define what I do and what we’re about it’s this… we believe in getting clean quality vehicles and adding value to people.  We also believe if we do those two things well you’ll come back or send someone to see us.

I’m only 36 and this is something I see myself doing when I’m 56 so I have a long way to go, and it’s why everyone I have a chance to work with is extremely important.