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Getting a new vehicle can be a daunting task even for the seasoned car buyer.   In fact I think car buying might be close to the top of many folks list as things they dislike the most.  However, car buying can be a fun and enjoyable experience if you work with the right person at the right dealership. Most dealerships are authorized to sell cars that have a smart CAN Display which will make driving easier especially for a long road trip and make loans to finance the purchase. Our sales and service professionals at Paul West Used Cars have a First Time Car Buyer Program and will go the extra mile for you to make sure you are picking out the right vehicle, being treated fairly, and explaining everything about all our vehicles and all the documents you’ll be signing.  Buying a new car is a big decision DO NOT rush it!

First Time Car Buyer Program Gainesville FL
First Time Car Buyer Program Gainesville FL

Questions to ask yourself:

What kind of vehicle do I need?

First and foremost, as a first time buyer it is important before anything else to figure out what kind of vehicle you are looking for. As a first time buyer there are cars, trucks, suvs, small cars, mid-size cars, luxury cars, sports cars… etc.  Think about what size vehicle you need then do some research on styles and brands of cars that are rated the highest in that classifications. A website we love to use to determine the best types of vehicles is called Car Complaints.  Check them out to read about all the makes, models, and years of vehicles to discover any problems people are reporting about that vehicle.

Where should I go to get a vehicle?

The next step after you know what kind of vehicle you are looking for is which of the hundreds of dealerships do I go to.  My first recommendation is always stick to a dealership that is close by.  In case you get something that has any type of issue you can bring it back to the dealer and have them inspect it and look it over to find the problem.  Not only that but you are helping the local economy where you live which helps increase jobs and increase selection at local car dealerships for future use.

Research your local car dealership by searching what other people are saying about that dealership.  Weigh any good and bad reviews they have to determine what kind of people you are working with.  Are they treating people fairly, are they helping people if something were to wrong, are they there for you or just there to take your money?  Those are all questions I’d be looking to find out about any car dealership I would be thinking about spending my hard earned money at.  Here are reviews about our local first time buyer car dealership: Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.  Look at those reviews for any car dealership you are thinking about visiting.

Do I get a warranty and a Carfax History Report?

Now comes the fun part… going out to look at vehicles.  Inspect each vehicle before you decide to drive it looking for signs of wear and tear.  Funny smells, dents, scratches anything that can give you a sign of how the previous owner(s) took care of that vehicle.  Thankfully Carfax gives you the best History Report of all the reports.  They not only tell you how many owners each vehicle had, but if it was in any accidents and any services the previous owner had done.  Some dealers do not provide a Carfax report and I would be wary about not knowing any history on a vehicle I was looking to buy.

If all signs look good then it’s time to drive!  Take the car for a test drive and test everything you can out… windows, door locks, lights, cruise, mirrors.  Not to mention the most important part of getting it to a highway speed to have it shift through all the gears and listening to the motor run.  Once you are done test driving pop the hood and look for anything smoking or smell any funny smells.  If you smell anything burning address it right away an oil leak is not something you want in your first car.

How many cars should I look at?

We’ve always been a believer in driving at least two or three different vehicles.  Not only are you comparing other vehicles but a Honda is going to drive and handle different from a Toyota or Nissan and you never know what you might like the feeling of.  However, we are certain that once you drive two or three you will know which vehicle you like the best and go after that. You can look here to find some for your budget.

How much can I afford?

Now that you have done your research on vehicles, the dealership, first time car buyer program, and have the car you want picked out, all that’s left is doing paper work.  As a first time car buyer you may need to finance your new vehicle and make payments to the bank, lender, or car dealership for you new vehicle.  Don’t worry though we all had to start somewhere and as Business Insider points out it is a opportunity to start building credit.  Also, Paul West Used Cars has the best first time buyer program out there starting people out with reliable, dependable, low mileage, clean vehicles.  Check out our entire Used Car Inventory.

In summary, buying a new car can be a difficult decision but asking yourself and the dealership the right questions can go a long ways.  For more help and ideas when buying a vehicle check out our Complete Guide to Buying a Used Car.

Thanks again for reading and checking our Used Car Dealership out online.  We are here to help you in anyway so please feel free to reach out to us anytime!



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