Looking for cheap cars for sale in Gaineville FL can be tricky.  How do you know which cars are worth the money or which cars will break down tomorrow?  What cheap used car dealership is actually going to care about their cars?

Paul West is built on helping people specifically those with Bad Credit and No Credit find clean and dependable used cars for sale that have been Carfaxed and Pre-Serviced by our certified mechanic for cheap down payments.

We go the extra distance by hand picking each and every vehicle on our lot and read countless consumer reports about each year, make, and model vehicle on our car lot, you can also sell junk cars here .  After inspection by our certified mechanic and replacing anything that needs done it comes around to the front of our car dealership where we then personally drive each vehicle to make sure all the issues are dealt with before any customer steps foot in it or gives us any money.

During your visit to our car dealership, we test drive any vehicle you choose and get the 2018 Nissan Altima to highway speeds testing things like shifting through all the gears, tire balance, engine noises, and all other performance related issues.  After driving we always pop the hood while the engine is warm looking for any other signs that could indicate problems such as smoking, rust, or corrosion.  Then once we are completely sure you are satisfied and happy with one of our vehicles we start the paper work not the other way around. No use in getting all your information and spending time on numbers if we don’t have a vehicle you like and are happy with.

The best part about our program is our cheap down payments with most of our vehicles ranging from $700 – $1,500 down payment to drive home with a quality new vehicle.  We also don’t just sell cars, we are here working with you the whole time through your loan and our short loan program does report to the credit bureau.

The next time you are looking for vehicles for sale —  remember that we have the best vehicles available!

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As always, thank you for reading more about our Used Car Dealership in Gainesville FL and if you need anything or have any questions I will help you!


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