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Best Used Cars Under 6000 Gainesville, FL

Best Used Cars Under 6000 Gainesville, FL

As we wind down toward the end of 2015 we always enjoy looking back at the this years best deals.  We’ll start with the Best Used Cars Under 6000 Gainesville, FL:

2002 Pontiac Bonneville

Best Used Cars Under 6000 Gainesville, FL

This was one of the best deals of the year.  A friend of ours got a new vehicle and we were able to buy his old vehicle for our lot.  These situations work very well because as a dealer we know who had the vehicle previously and how well it was taken care of, and as a customer we are able to offer these deals for a lot less because we avoid several fees involved when buying vehicles privately.

2005 Ford Focus

2005_ford_focus_picture (8)

2005 Ford Focus

This next deal was inspired by a similar situation to the Pontiac.  In this case, a previous customer traded in their vehicle and we were able to offer this 2005 Ford Focus at a really good price.

2006 Ford Freestyle 


2006 Ford Freestyle

These are excellent vehicles for anyone in the SUV / Van market.  They are a crossover vehicle make by Ford that has 3rd row seating to go with a very efficient engine.  The hard part with these vehicles is they are very hard to find in good condition with low miles so two thumbs up when we get these vehicles in.

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