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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions — Paul West Used Cars

We get asked a lot of questions about our program and how it works, so this page is an effort to help potential new customers learn about Paul West Used Cars in Gainesville, FL, what we do, and how we help build people’s credit.

Why should we choose Paul West Used Cars?

Local Family Dealership
Low Down Payments
Short Loans — Buy Here Pay Here Financing
All Vehicles come with a Warranty
We report to the Credit Bureau

What is the minimum credit score?

Our program isn’t based on credit it’s based on working with people who need to start and build credit.  We have helped people with no credit and we work with a lot of people with bad credit.  In either case it’s not a certain score we need it’s who we are working with and that they want to seriously improve where they are at.  We are always up front about what our program is all about so you can make the best decision.

Will you work with someone who had a repo or repossession in their past?

Yep.  We know there are several situations that at the time this might have been what happened.  A repo doesn’t mean your a bad person just had a bad situation or time you’ve had to go through.

What about Bankruptcies?

Yes.  Once the Bankruptcy is finalized we can get you going again.

I was involved in an accident and my car is not paid off?

Yep.  All we need is the document from your insurance company showing the car has been deemed totaled.  Usually they email it or if you contact the insurance company they will send it to you.

What do I need to bring with me to get a vehicle?

The information listed below is needed once we approve your application:

  • Reference Page (5 Family & 5 Friends names and numbers)
  • Pay stubs (Last 2)
  • Utility Bill
  • Additional Mail (2 pieces)
  • Copy of Driver License
  • Bank Account or Debit / Credit Card information

Additional Information may apply:

  • Child Support
  • SSI
  • Tag or Registration if transferring
  • Title if trading

What is my down payment?

We always list the minimum down payment on all our vehicles whether you come in and you get a list of all our vehicles or online on our inventory page: https://www.pwuc.com/inventory/  Just click on the desired vehicle and one the description page is where it will list everything about the vehicle including the down payment.  The down payment listed is what it will in most cases there are some cases where the down payment may change but for the most part it is accurate and we will always give you all the information up front if you contact us.

Do you take Trade Ins?

Yes.  As long you can drive the car up here it’s worth something.  If the vehicle is not drive able please contact us and we will tell you who can come to you tow it away for free and give you cash for it.